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Coaches Corner

Coaches Corner

Coaching Documents and Theory

FIFA- Laws of the Game

US Youth Soccer – Player Development Module

US Youth Soccer – Help!  I Volunteered to Coach!


Standards Chart (length of game, size of ball, number of players)

Standards Chart SSG

Start to Finish Practice Plans (Week to Week)

U4, U5, U6:  Me and My Ball

45 minute session, importance on player and ball, no lines and standing, keep it fun!

Massachusetts Youth Soccer U6 lesson plans

US Youth Soccer Practice Guide

Washington Youth Soccer


U8:  Me, My Ball and a Friend

60 minute session, continue to emphasis individual skills, introduce player passing between 2 players, keep it fun!

Massachusetts Youth Soccer U8 lesson plans  

US Youth Soccer Practice Guide

Washington Youth Soccer


U10:  The Start of US

60-90 minute lesson plans, continue to emphasis individual skills, combination passing between 3 and more players, keep it fun!

Massachusetts Youth Soccer U10 lesson plans 

US Youth Soccer Practice Guide

Washington Youth Soccer



At the youth ages, and even beyond, there should be an emphasis on developing foot skills.   The Coerver Method focuses on teaching individual skills and improving 1v1 skills in a player.  It is recommended to work on Coerver skills every single practice, by simply incorporating the Coerver skill into a warm-up activity.

An excellent way to educate yourself on Coerver skills, so that you can teach the player is by downloading the “Coerver Coaching” app to your phone.  Start week 1 with the first move, and then the second week add move 2, and so on.  If the moves become too advance, work on the moves your team is most comfortable with.


You can even watch the moves together on your phone at practice.


The following Coerver skills can be practices from U4-U16, and are recommended…

Sole Taps


Shuffle Stop

Take Stop

Frequently asked Questions

Question: What is offsides?

Question: How do I complete Kids Safe?

Question: What tournaments are going on?

Question: What coaches license classes are available?


Question: How do I sign up for Coaches license classes?
2) Click ecoach on the right hand side
3) At the bottom, click: “Click here to register for U6/8 and U10/12 Youth Modules”:
4) At the bottom, click: “Take an ecoaching course”:
5) Fill out the form. We are in the Central district, choose U6/8 module course
6) After filling it out, you’ll receive a passcode via email.
7) Go back to the MSA website:
8) Click:
9) Login with the information given
10) This is your Coaches control panel:
11) In the middle, you’ll see: “Take the online course”. Click it.
12) in the new window you’ll see “read the material” right click it, and open in a new window
13) Go back to the testing page and you’ll see in the middle it now says: “Take the online course”
14) Use the material to pass the course
15) After completion, go back to your coaches control panel:
16) You’ll see in the middle it says: “Display/Register for Coaching courses” click that
17) Find the one with Jeremy and choose to take it

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